Beeing single is so common these days. Busy schedule, long work days and lots of tempting activities to fill up your spare time.

It's the same for people working in aviation. Most often a job as a pilot or flight attendant means working odd hours, travelling long distances and staying in hotels for many nights.

So how do you meet other singles when you are always on the go??

Well, many meet up through work and connect that way. Some meet at hotels with staff from other airlines or maybe thay have friends that are already dating other crew and hook up through them.

Still, there are lots of pilots and flight attendants that are looking for a date. The internet and dating sites can be useful when you are away from home. Meeting through social media and Facebook is also gaining in popularity these days.

In general, people working in avation, such as pilots and flight attendants are very social people. They like to meet new people and make new friends.This does not mean that you should stop them at the airport and ask them out, but if you are staying in the same hotel as flightcrews, you can joing them for a drink.

Behind the uniform, flight attendants and pilots are just normal people that have a busy and exiting job. Take your chance and go talk to them the next time you have the opportunity.

How to date a pilot or flight attendant??

Well, it's pretty much like dating any other. Behind the uniform they are just normal people, living normal lives. Well, maybe not a completely normal 9-5 life, since they are often away on layovers and flying to foreign countries.

It is common for people in aviation to have a long and around the clock work schedules, but then they also have days off to rest in between flights.
If you want to get into a relationsship with a pilot or flight attendant you should prepare yourself for this. It is a part of the job and over time it also become their lifestyle.

Usually people working in aviation are very social people. It is a part of their job to be outgoing and willing to meet new people. So if you want to go on a date with a pilot or flight attendant, it should not be to difficult to find something to do.